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Advertising deals for local and national advertising campaigns on TV, Radio or Online display platforms. Ad production services for TV advertising, TV Commercials, radio ads – including script writing and creatives. Call for remnant rate and wholesale advertising rates today! Fast friendly services – and most of our services are free or low cost for paid advertising clients! Complete media planning and media buying team is ready to serve your marketing and advertising needs.

Before you know it it will be time for the 2020 election and political advertising again! We have experts on our media planning team that specialize in political advertising rates in any city across all 50 states. If you want help advertising political issues or candidates we are the right place to call! Call 888-449-2526 now for political advertising rates in your district.

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Fun Videos produced here for websites – Social Media and advertising starting at $99

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Radio Advertising World – Get costs and rates for local and national ad campaigns – Online, Radio, TV, Social Media too! Campaign advertising and media Planning. Host and Celebrity endorsed Radio advertising campaigns with “Top 10 Hosts”. Remnant radio and TV ad inventory available at the lowest prices and rates. Advertise on radio, TV, cable, online and Mobile! Marketing options at the lowest rates in the USA, Call today! We have 20 plus Years experience Marketing and Advertising! Video for advertising on Social Media, You Tube and Facebook produced here for as little as $199. Proven Results – Give us a call! 888- 449-2526. Media planning, ad production and script writing too. We are a full Service ad agency with national and local Reach!

Do you want great advertising deals on radio, TV, online, digital and email marketing that actually produces positive outcomes? Do you need your advertising & Marketing campaigns to get RESULTS? Do you want to work with an agent who has 20+ years experience? An Agent with genuine credentials, client accolades and testimonials? An agent with a proven track record? If so… You just found the right place.

Along with developing your complete radio advertising, TV Advertising, digital advertising and online packages for any media format in any market, local or national, we can also help you get your internet presence to properly interface with your on the air campaigns. Our team of copywriters, voice talent, search engine optimization, graphic designers and eCommerce web programmers can create for you an advertising solution powerful enough to go up against any competitor in your industry.

Target your advertising budget with a proven radio audience

Advertisers love radio because of its immediate impact. Want to target news talk listeners? Think your audience is sports fans? Need to reach commuters during rush hour? We can customize a radio campaign so you know you’re reaching the audience you want, in the area you want, at the time you want. Our relationship with radio stations and networks across the country enables our clients to reach millions of listeners in multiple markets with just one call. We sell advertising schedules and provide rates and media kits for most radio hosts, like – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, George Noory, Michael Savage, Howard Stern, Sirius XM, iHeart stations and digital online radio, plus sports talk radio and Pandora too. Advertise on Radio for less money, get more ROI or a higher MER and grow your business faster with Direct Response DR campaigns that work because they are built on real metrics and historical marketing experiences. For your initial investment we will produce and test a commercial with our talented copy writer and on-air voice talent. After the demographic testing is complete, pricing for an ongoing campaign is established.

AND THEN – YOU SET THE BUDGET – We make it work.

Remnant Radio Ads

Looking for a less expensive way to buy radio ads and still target your market? There are dozens of methods we can use to cut advertising costs and save our clients money. Additionally, we know how to get added value, bonus spots and First in Break placements at no additional cost. We can find you remnant radio ad space that fits your budget and reaches your target market. Spot or Network, National or local, we can buy affordable schedules at low rates just about anywhere. Media Kits and Rate cards are available, along with Campaign Management and tracking. If you don’t have a radio spot, we can produce one for you. This is the most affordable and effective approach to radio advertising.

Advertise on TV?

How well you communicate in today’s market depends upon the correct placement. TV reaches the widest audience of any medium – and at the time they are most receptive to advertisers’ messages. We offer remnant TV deals on Satellite services such as Direct and Dish and we offer packages including remnant ad schedules on TV stations in many markets or Nationwide on Network and Cable TV. TV advertising also gives your business credibility by letting consumers know that you’re a solid, successful company. We offer services for National or Local TV, Direct TV, Cable Television, Network Television, Fox News Channel, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV and more! Also, TV Infomercials and more media resources without traditional advertising fees. Our creative team can concept, script, shoot, and edit a professional, impressive, successful TV spot and we’ll work for you to figure out the best possible placement.

Website Design

Your website is the central hub of your digital content. Nothing will turn off a potential customer more than an ugly website that leaves them uninformed and frustrated. From online shopping carts to promotional landing pages, our designers can assist you in building a functional and informative website worthy of any marketing goal.

Landing Pages

Separate Landing pages can be directly designed to reflect a relevant advertisement or promotion. Though a homepage should be informative about your product and engaging to visitors, you cannot rely on it alone for specific advertising needs. Target specific markets, geological locations, and any demographic of your choosing. RAW Media can design separate landing pages linked from specific ads, giving you the full benefits of any online advertising campaign. Ensure that your targeted customers are being delivered relevant information and make tracking easy with RAW Media’s Landing Page design services.

Email Blasts

RAW Media can design eye-catching Email blasts marketed to current customers or potential customers on our many branded and dedicated email list partners. Grow your brand, drive sales and direct response traffic to unique phone numbers or websites and URL’s. Plus we can help you place your product on the minds of consumers with regular marketing messages gaining new customers/clients.

SEO – Organic Search

In our experience, most clients don’t have the time to manage effective, full-scale organic search marketing campaigns on their own. Our team of certified SEO experts monitors sites and content daily to ensure an up-to-date and optimized webpage. We meet with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their brand, target audience, and business goals and objectives prior to creating a comprehensive search strategy to meet their needs. Our search experts review and evaluate the site from an organic search engine optimization perspective. This review and evaluation includes topics such as relevant content, overall site architecture, page construction and mechanics, web server configuration, and linking. Our team identifies potential problems and provides actionable recommendations to improve your SEO performance. Our team provides a complete competitive analysis to get a full understanding of the search environment.

What You Can Expect

Since RAW Media first opened its doors, we have accumulated experience in a vast array of products and media choices. Our experience gives you the kind of Advertising Agency that knows what works ahead of time. Along with the best industry research tools available, our experience will ensure that you’re always one step ahead of your competition.

Marketing Strategies Designed For You

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t conducive to your specific goals. RAW Media strives to understand each individual business with extensive research that will determine the strategies to get you real results. Every report, placement, creative design, and campaign will be custom fit to your needs.

How We Do It

Experience and hard work: We learn your business and your specific goals. We develop a strategy based on these goals along with your available budget so your results are maximized. We fight for you and negotiate directly with pertinent media publishers. Our design team will work with you to determine any creative work you need. We measure your success rate and Optimize after we determine if any adjustments are required to get you the best possible results.