American Dreams Radio Interview – Infomericals

Flag patch 202American Dreams Radio Interviews are used by our clients to increase trust and lend credibility to a person, company, organization or idea. How do you get a long form radio infomercial made cheap? You call us at 888-449-2526!

ADR is a subsidiary of Ho Hum Media inc.  and like Radio Advertising World, our mission is to help clients leap frog over their competition and gain the immediate trust of a prospect, client, donor etc.

More importantly, the You Tube video that we supply as a “container” for the interviews will “POP” on internet searches as Google and other search engines typically favor video, as for Google, it seems they offer You Tube URL’s priority placement in search criteria.

The interviews are especially powerful when used as a 3rd party accolade, where they are presented as “Media Coverage” of your endeavor.

Here are a few random examples of long form radio infomercials produced here!

When used as a sales tool for people in Financial Services, in multiple examples, we find that closings increase exponentially when our interviews are used as we instruct our clients. Our video’s combined with the radio interview element can save sales professionals a lot of time, help close many more deals, and lead to greater profits.

By simply using our proprietary concept of “Up close and Personal” Marketing and closing, your sales, or other goals can be realized much faster – There really is nothing else like it!

Additionally, every Website has an about us page! We help you turn that page into a media rich “Get to Know Us” platform like no other.

Learn how to get the most out of your About Us page on your website!

What sets us apart is our unique concept of having a well known national radio personality interview principles from a company or organization in a “Talk Radio Style” format and combine that with a simple video to place on your “About Us” page.

When visitors come to your site and click on the about us button, our Audio Interview with video will jump out at them… and of course the relationship will get a great jump start because the visitor will get a 10 or 15 minute introduction in an engaging, interesting and informative interview. This is how relationship building gets done right!

In today’s world the marketing advantage goes to the most creative, the most genuine and the most likable. The trouble is that in a high tech business environment people forget how to develop close interpersonal relationships and friendships with clients, subscribers, followers and business associates.

Let “Radio Advertising World” interview you and put together a nice story board and video that will help you build deeper and longer lasting relationships with clients, prospects, subscribers and visitors. This is the future in marketing and client development.

Call today to begin the journey into the next generation of marketing and advertising with deep, committed and lasting relationships that build on trust and credibility. Show them your soft underbelly right from the start and reap the rewards of open and fulfilling friendships that will last forever.

Note to clients:

You display this interview on your website or send by email as a link in the same way you would direct people to any other media coverage you might receive – As you would if the business or lifestyle pages wrote an article featuring your business (Organization). You would SHARE that as an external creation… Same goes for the American Dream interview – it should be presented as a 3rd party accolade.

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