Advertise on The Rush Limbaugh Show – Rates – Media Kit – Host Endorsement

Advertise with Rush on the EIB network locally, nationally or online! Get the costs for Advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on rates page – Talk Radio advertising really works! To Advertise on Rush or in his newsletter, or on the websites, or to enhance your advertising campaign – Call today 888-449-2526. iHeart Radio and… Read More »

Advertise on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

George Noory advertising rates, media kit & Host Endorsement costs and audience size, stats, data available here. Call to place ads on the Coast to Coast AM radio show – 888-449-2526. M-F rates ion live show for prerecorded spots ranges from around $400 for a thirty second spot to $800 for a sixty. Endorsements must… Read More »

Advertise on the Michael Savage Show – Rates – Media Kit – Host Endorsement – Call 888-449-2526

Advertise on the Savage Nation radio show! Get information about advertising on the Michael Savage show – The show can be very profitable. To advertise on the “Savage Nation” call now – 888-449-2526. Michael Savage is America’s fourth most influential in America according to News-Max 25 Top Radio Hosts. His move to Cumulus – Now… Read More »

Radio Advertising deals on Radio Stations, Top shows & networks

Deals for radio Advertising – What does it cost to advertise on the radio? Less than you might think – Call for a free quote! FREE 30 second ad made with every buy over $2500. Talk, Music, Terrestrial, Online internet radio stations, satellite and more! Call to place an advertising schedule in any city and… Read More »

Advertise on Imus in the Morning – Host Endorsements – Rates – Media Kit

Advertise on Imus, call today for a free quote, media kit, audience data and stats – 888-449-2526. Host talent endorsement available for approved offers. Don Imus’ slightly liberal, sarcastic way cuts on both Republican and Democratic politicians. Imus’ refined and affluent audience makes famous writers and politicians eager to take the hot seat on his… Read More »

How to Advertise on The Mark Levin radio Show

Advertise with Mark Levin on his radio show! Advertise on all  Westwood One Programs – Rates, Media Kits, Audience size, stats and Data – Call 888-449-2526 for Free Quotes! Estimated rate for a (Call for rates)  Call 888-449-2526 to get exact and current rates. Information on how to Advertise on The Mark Levin Show, rates,… Read More »

Advertise on Glenn Beck radio show & The Blaze TV

Cost to advertise on Glenn Beck & The Advertise with Glenn Beck and The Blaze! Get a Media kit, Rates, Host Endorsement costs, plus,  Banner and Digital ads rates, TV, Radio & Online advertising and marketing programs too! Call for a Free Quote and audience size – Call 888-449-2526. Ad rates for the Glenn  Beck… Read More »

Advertise on Sean Hannity Radio and TV Shows – Rate Card

Advertising rates for Sean Hannity radio  and TV shows! Get Costs for advertising on Sean Hannity & call us for Host endorsements – available for some offers! For Rates – Media Kits – Audience Data – Call 888-449-2526. *Estimated Ad rates for the iHeart or Premiere radio networks daily show start at around *CALL FOR… Read More »

How to Advertise on Premiere Networks Radio Shows

Premier Networks ad options – Costs for Advertising on Premiere Networks & iHeart Radio –  Rates – Media Kits – Markets – National – iHeart – Call 888-449-2526. Information on how to advertise on Premiere Radio Network shows! Our agency will get you rates, media kits and audience data. Get the info.  from our agency… Read More »