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ONLINE ADVERTISINGOnline advertising comes in many forms and the number of platforms and cross platform opportunities are endlessly  amazing.

The many methods are fascinating Marketing and advertising verticals that encompass the various internet and world wide web protocols that have introduced us to an amazing array of different media alternatives. From the vast number of Mobile applications (APPS) to the social media elements utilized by Face Book, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, BING, Yahoo, America Online, and the uncounted scores of platforms or networks being used to brand products, services and ideas. It’s mind boggling to consider that futurists are suggesting the the hand held devices we use now, smart phones, tablets and the like may soon be replaced by wearable or even implanted technology.

Here at Ho Hum Media inc. (Radio Advertising World) we pride ourselves in being able to track and maintain the rapidly changing online advertising options, and we are ready to help our clients latch on and ride the wave into the future of Marketing online using the latest and most productive media available.

Please allow us to work up the rates, cost and prices and make you a proposal for advertising and marketing for your current or future campaign management needs.

We partner with the most successful online advertising companies who teach us more and more about how to advertise online and access the finest online marketing services and technology.

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Advertising Rates + Media kits Radio, TV, Cable News + Digital

Radio advertising rates, TV advertising rates, Cost, prices and remnant rates too. Media rates – Advertising costs – Tips – advice.

Media rate card examples for CNN, Sports ESPN, Fox Sports, Online radio, internet, websites, newsletters, Direct response and Political ad rates – Examples Listed here – for more info. call 888-449-2526.

Rates on Media change with many factors – demand for ad space, commitment over time and the amount of your ad spend. Radio at the local level can be negotiated based on day-part, duration of schedule and targeted talent etc.
Endorsed ad deals with major Talk Radio host like Rush, Hannity or Beck will require several things, 1st an (*ESTIMATED) cash commitment over 26 weeks of $800K to $1.5 Million. For Howard Stern, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, George Noory etc. The commitment may be around $250K over 13 or 26 weeks. Successful top tier hosts are very protective of their relationship with listeners, they will not endorse products or services that they themselves wouldn’t use in their own lives  – There may be a few exceptions – all rate examples are (*ESTIMATED). Local host endorsements can range from a few hundred a week to many thousands depending on the talent, market, station etc. We negotiate every ad buy as a “Stand Alone” transaction to achieve the best rate and frequency for our clients. So “Rates” are almost meaningless, as media companies are creative and willing to make package deals and keep costs down if the relationship has real potential for long term success. We are the best negotiators in the biz. So please, let us customize a proposal and get you the best current price, costs and rates to advertise on any media in America. Whether you want to advertise on Radio, TV, Cable, Internet websites, or by traditional print, newspaper or direct mail – We know who to contact and how to get the media buy done properly. We strongly advise that “If you are serious” about advertising, you should call or better yet, fill out the contact form and offer as much detail as to can. At the bottom of this page are questions that need to be answered before any media plan can be initiated. If you don’t have a Budget range in mind – please decide what your weekly or monthly spending commitment is – be realistic – Odds are – if you don’t have a steady budget to commit to over time, you are not going to succeed. We won’t negotiate a media buy unless we have a legitimate budget and commitment from a prospect or client...  Please, don’t ask us to do hours of unpaid research and negotiating unless you are serious…  IMPORTANT:  Reality check; A direct response campaign is probably not going to self fund and give you humongous returns right out of the gate… it is very rare to see that outcome. In our experience,  it will take 4 to 13 weeks to build any measurable momentum with a new Direct Response media campaign (Of course there are exceptions) But plan for a steady investment for at least 6 months or longer to see black ink, we must test and optimize to find that sweet spot where the best return on investment (ROI) can be achieved, it’s a process of campaign management. We won’t lie to you or take your money, just to walk away with a commission – that would be dishonest. We are an honest and legitimate media buyer/ad agency – Our reputation speaks for itself. Please call 888-449-2526  to get a free quote on any media buy. We have rate cards and media kits in-house for most major media, major talk hosts, radio networks, TV and Radio stations etc.  Plus, we have ad rates for virtually anything conservative. Also, Sirius XM, Howard Stern and more. For you to have success on Sirius XM – you will need a budget of $40K to start ($10K a week Minimum to succeed) and for Pandora plan on a CPM rate of about $15 and a minimum $5K weekly budget – GCN’s ad rate on Alex Jones is around $250 for a 30 second spot. GCN also has quite a few good talk radio hosts with national rates starting as  low as $10 a spot. A complete list of advertising rates are available to serious buyers.  Remnant radio and TV can be bought for around $3.00 to $5.00 CPM and we can test the remnant market for about $5K. National reach for radio infomercials? Plan on a minimum $5K test. Local radio infomercial time ranges from $50 for a half hour in smaller cities to $4K in New York and $2K in Los Angeles. Advertising on Top Tier radio shows with produced spots ranges from $400 for a Thirty on Coast to Coast AM to $8K on Rush. Plan on $10K to $60K a week on larger radio shows, Fox News etc.

Ad rates for remnant and unsold inventory on these media outlets & shows are substantially lower than open rates and may be a perfect option for smaller budgets to test these shows for audience response and return on investment (ROI) or MER potential. The rate range for a 30 second or 60 second remnant “weekend” ads on these shows are (*Estimated) to be: $100 to $2500 (Depending on availability – all estimated rates are just that – *ESTIMATED.

We hope this helps you get a feel for cost? It’s a huge industry – Thanks for choosing us as your media buyer! SEE RATE CARD EXAMPLES BELOW!


CNN raw rates

Here are questions you must answer BEFORE you contact media to buy advertising. If you answer these questions in advance...

You will make the process mush easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. To buy advertising in any market, local or national, radio, TV, Online digital, banner, mobile, print or direct mail – Call us today! 888-449-2526.

What is the name of the client & what are the product details?


•What is the media (Radio, TV, Print, Digital, etc.)?


•Is it a spot market or national campaign?


•If spot market, which markets?


•What is the demographic we are targeting?


•What is the length of the spot?


•Are there any day-part restrictions or can spots run 24/7?


•What is the budget?


•What are the campaign flight dates?


•When do you need a proposal back by?



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