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Cheap TV and Radio ad rates on National and local media outlets. Remnant Advertising with lower costs. Get rates & Media Kits! Schedule your remnant ad buy for radio or TV today! Call 888-449-2526 – Free 30 second radio ad script and production with minimum buy.
Cheap advertising, affordable, cost effective, by any name is a good thing for businesses with limited ad budgets or frugal ad buyers. It have its ups and downs, good and bad points, but here at RAW Media we like to say Cheaper is  always better when buying ad space. It’s all about frequency over time to real audiences. Let us place your remnant campaign on Radio or TV today! Print is also available,  Newspapers, Magazines and websites are often open to remnant buyers. (If they have cash) Call to schedule or to get rates, media kits and audience data. 888-449-2526.

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Remnant advertising refers to the advertising space that a media company has been unable to sell.

Depending on the medium, it could be ad space or time. Often it can be bought at a steep discount. Advertising time and space is a perishable commodity. If it is not sold, it is lost, used for a “house ad”, or given away for public service announcements or some other non-revenue producing filler. However, instead of taking a loss for unsold airtime or ad space, media outlets will often take far less than their usual retail fees to unload their remnant space. This means advertisers can buy what is typically expensive media for a great deal less money than normal. Although the space and/or time is sold at a steeply discounted rate, media sellers benefit as well, monetizing inventory that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Remnant ad buys in radio, TV, Print, newspapers, magazines and on websites on the internet – Is advertising space and/or time is preempt-able. Preempt-able rates can cause competition between advertisers when bidding for general market advertising space as well as remnant advertising space. Whoever bids the higher amount with the media company wins the surplus inventory.

Last minute advertising is a means to stretch a company’s advertising budget, it is not the easiest way to operate because it is last minute. Companies must be prepared to act quickly. Have your budget decided, be ready to Bank Wire fast or allow ACH Same day check drafts. See you on the air!