How Radio Advertising Works

Radio Advertising is about REACH and Radio reaches more prospects for less money …

Reach the target! That feeling of uncertainty about hoe radio worksadvertising plagues many business people. They know they should advertise,  but they don’t really understand the process …”Reach” can be defined as the number of people who hear or see your message over time. “Frequency” is how many times the average person hears or sees your message. Your advertising needs to reach as many people as possible, as often as advertising reaches diverse audienceTalk radio and News formats generally outperform other genre’s as they are active rather than passive media environments. So be sure you know if you are looking to brand your message or if you need a response that is immediate – Do you need to make an instant return on investment – or are you in for the long haul, building awareness and image. Those million-dollar ads you see on the Super Bowl have great reach but lousy frequency.

Research shows that your prospect has to hear or see your message more than three times before they’ll act on it. So you need to make sure that the advertising medium you select has a wide enough audience for your needs, but more importantly, is designed and priced for frequency.