Westwood-One radio advertising options – Cumulus Radio Programs

Westwood One advertising options – Cost to Advertise on the many options Cumulus and Westwood One have available – Call 888-449-2526 for rates, Media Kits, Free Ad Campaign planning and media buying services.

Get information on how to advertise on Westwood One radio shows. Call our agency for rates, media kits, to place and ad buy or schedule. We will represent your interests and get you the best campaign options available to reach your target audience. Westwood One is owned and operated by Cumulus Media, a mass media company headquartered in New York, New York, specializing in radio syndication and audio content. As the radio network and national brand of Cumulus, Westwood One distributes hundreds of programs to radio stations and partners across the United States. The company was, at various times, managed by CBS Radio, the radio arm of CBS Corporation and Viacom. It was later purchased by the private equity firm The Gores Group and then sold to Dial Global in 2011. In September 2013, Dial Global re-branded under the name Westwood One and announced a merger agreement with Cumulus Media; the transaction was closed on December 12, 2013. Westwood One now includes the combined network of Westwood One and Cumulus Media Networks, the former radio network of Cumulus. Call 888-449-2526 to buy advertising time.

To place advertising on any of the programming offered by Westwood One. Please consider using our media buying services and creative talent. Call Now! 888-449-2526. Advertise on these fine shows today!

Talk Programming – Call to get a free advertising quote and media kits.

Bob & Sheri
Clark Howard
The Bill Press Show
The Stephanie Miller Show
The Ed Schultz Show
The Thom Hartmann Show
The Phil Hendrie Show
First Light with Dirk Van
The Jim Bohannon Show
America in the Morning
Moneytalk with Bob Brinker
Imus in the Morning
Herman Cain
The Jonathan Brandmeier Show
The Savage Nation
The Mark Levin Show
John Batchelor
Red Eye Radio

Sports programming

The Masters
NCAA Radio Network
NFL on Westwood One

Music & Entertainment Programming (including 24/7 networks)

The Bob & Tom Show
Mike Harvey’s Supergold and The Mike Harvey Show
The Big Time with Whitney Allen
Gospel Traxx and The Countdown with Walt “Baby” Love
(Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by Radio

Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly
(Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by

Premiere Radio Networks.)
Elwood’s BluesMobile (formerly the House of Blues Radio Hour) with Dan Aykroyd

as Elwood Blues
The Lia Show
Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40
(Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by Radio

Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40
(Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by Radio

Billy Bush
Country Gold with Randy Owen
Country Countdown USA
American Hit List with M. G. Kelly
The Nighttime Radio Program with Bernie Mack
The Lu Valentino Show
Grammy Awards
Zach Sang and The Gang [7]

News and Weather

NBC Sports Radio
CBS Radio News
The Weather Channel
Westwood One News