Radio Infomercial Production – Remote Recording by Phone or SKYPE

Infomercial production and recording- Cost and price for infomercials: Sales & Closing Videos and Co-Hosted Pod-casting with a National Radio Personality – Low Rates – High Quality – For any sales person who wants a better Mouse Trap! Call 888-449-2526  Home of the $99.00 National host Interview and companion video – Now you can advertise using our National Radio Host interview style audio and video program. We make long form radio infomercials/Interviews – and we make short audio/video recordings for all types of sales, we basically pre-sell the client for you. Our Interviews are recorded remotely via Phone or Skype. Our in-house studio is able to make the production sound quality just as good as if it was recorded in a radio station studio. The video’s are simple slide shows that are basically there to “hold” the interview in a platform similar to You Tube.
The 5 to 30 minute long radio interviews/infomercials are prepared for national or local distribution on radio stations, landing pages or websites, They are stand alone,  turn key closing tools.
We perform Infomercial production and placement on radio stations at the lowest cost, price and rates.  We make radio shows for large and small businesses, for financial and retirement planners, health product companies and professionals of all kinds. We are the home of the National talk radio host interview with companion video – Rates start at just $99.00.

Example of $99 interview!
The product is unique, it works like a 3rd party celebrity endorsement. These interviews with companion videos are tailor made to put up on sellers pages as you see on, or to place on websites, or to insert in landing pages or to send out as links to prospects to assist in the close. Best when used to inform or close prospects or clients. Works for all types of products, services, Ideas, even Authors/writers books – Designed for professional sales people, contractors and small businesses. Just send a link to a prospect or a client and let our Radio Show make the sale for you. Any topic will work!
Now, as a sales person,  you can be in unlimited homes or businesses at the same time.  Our Interviews are real talk radio style with a nationally known personality. They really do work. We can close the deal for you – easily – and help you build credibility and trust at the same time. Even Network Marketing and MLM marketing people can use this technique to build relationships and sign new business – almost instantly.
Insurance agents, sales people and Financial planners tell us that their closing ratios and sales totals skyrocket because of the psycho-graphic nature of our approach to the sale. It is extremely powerful.

Example: An agent sends a prospect a link to the You Tube video/Radio interview – The prospects watch, listen with amazement and are gently “pre-sold”.

Putting up videos that push for the sale or push an offer doesn’t work as well as it used to – because a prospect or a client in today’s sophisticated sales climate sees that approach as if it were a long winded sales pitch. (Blow-hard)

A talk radio style interview by contrast is engaging, interesting and is received by the prospect as a subtle, informative and worthwhile conversation between you and a radio personality, it’s a very Powerful approach to selling and closing.

The Companion interviews can also be used by Politicians and just about any type of outside sales person. Real estate agents, estate planners, contractors, just about anyone can benefit from the credibility that comes from being a “guest” on talk radio.

Anyone that might find themselves across the desk from a client or prospect, or in someones living room or kitchen with a proposal – can benefit from our system.

We record the interview, create a slide show video and load it on the web for you – all for as little as $99.00.

Pod-casting Yet? Our National radio host will happily be your co-host and companion for pod-casting. We offer Monthly, weekly and daily rates for podcast production and co-hosting. We make the best Pod-casts in America – Guaranteed!

Look these videos over and let us know when we can get started on your infomercial or companion interview and video sales program.


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Example infomercial audio/ Video –

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Interview w/Companion video PRICES:

00 – 10 minutes $99 | 10 – 20 minutes $149 | 20 – 30 minutes $199

Full Infomercials for radio Station airing $595.00